Cactus Planting

Cactus Planting

IMG_0165Planting cactus is best done in the spring, summer or fall.  Acacia Nursery in Tucson carries a huge selection of native cacti in all sizes.  If you are transferring your cactus from a container to the ground, start with a hole that is about twice the size of the root ball and about the same depth.  For the most part, you never want to plant a cactus deeper than it’s original pot, unless a taller, column type cactus looks unsteady.

The soil should be dry and should not be watered for a few days.  Smaller cactus are susceptible to the full summer sun.  For cactus under 3 gallons, consider adding some temporary shade such as a cloth, if they are planted where they get the full summer sun.  Watering smaller cactus twice a month should be sufficient if the soil drains well.  No watering will be necessary during the monsoon season.

Visit Acacia Nursery in NW Tucson to see the huge selection of cactus we offer.  Or, talk with our trained nursery staff if you need help planting or caring for your cacti.