Tucson Nursery Tips for June

Tucson Nursery Tips for June

IMG_0176With the scorching hot Tucson weather upon us, the first order of business for your plants is water. Your plants will need more water, but be careful not to over water them. Plants that look wilted in the morning are probably not getting enough water. Check your irrigation system and adjust your watering schedule if needed.

Acacia Nursery in Tucson has a large selection of trees that can be planted now. Citrus trees as well as evergreen and deciduous trees can still be planted in June, but require extra attention. By planting trees now, they will benefit from the full summer growing season to develop a strong root system. Contact our nursery in NW Tucson for instructions on how to plant and care for your trees.

Recently planted Cacti, such as prickly pear and ocotillo, should be watered more frequently than established native cactus, which only need watering once a month. With the largest assortment of native cacti in Tucson, Acacia Nursery can help you choose which ones are best for your landscaping plans.

Summer color is popular at our Tucson Nursery at this time of year. There are several plants that take the heat well and bloom non stop. Check with our nursery for new colors and varieties of summer flowers.

Gardens are always popular and still can be sown. Cumcumbers, watermelon and squash are some of the food gardens you can still plant in June.

Conveniently located on Tangerine Road in NW Tucson, Acacia Nursery has the largest selection of Cacti, trees, shrubs and flowers in the county.