Why Plant Desert Trees in Tucson

Desert Trees in Tucson - Acacia NurseryPlanting desert trees around your Tucson home can offer several benefits that not only enhance property values but save on utilities.  There are many native desert trees that thrive in our low water, high heat conditions.

Studies have shown that property values can be increased by as much as 10% with the right choice of desert trees.  The curb appeal that the proper desert trees make a home more inviting for prospective buyers.  A neighborhood community that has mature trees offers a welcoming environment.

The right choice of desert trees can have a significant  effect on energy and water use.  Trees that provide shade can reduce the radiant heat from harsh, direct sunlight, which reduces the need for air conditioning.  They also slow the evaporation of irrigation water in areas they shade.

So see what trees would be best for your home, visit Acacia Nursery in NW Tucson and talk to our landscaping professionals.  They can guide you in choosing the right desert trees to plant.  Call 520-603-3355 or come by 8080 W. Tangerine Road.